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Chu Shaoyan pressed his hands to silence everyone and said: "Our biggest task now is intelligence collection, which is mainly managed by Yingjie and cooperated with Hiller. In addition, Wu Tianhao and Jin Shangbang contacted the Giant Ax Gang and the Butterfly Gang, as well as the Jiangbei side. Relevant associations harassed the Honglian Association in various ways, muddied the underground waters in Jiangcheng, and then gave Yingjie an opportunity to take advantage of it." ... where can i get a small personal loan with bad credit under 540

test. no credit check small business loan new account with zero balance "Cough cough!" Perhaps the airway was flooded, Zidie coughed continuously, closed her eyes and cried "humming", tears poured out from the corners of her eyes, dripping down her pale face. ….

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small buisness loan same day funding - ohtaining a small buisness loan ."As long as the case is solved, in a word, you can choose a five-star hotel." Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly. |.

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how to get a loan for your small business credit score 608 need small loan . "Okay, I'll go say hello to the service desk right away." Secretary Chen nodded quickly, drained the face wash, registered towels, nodded to the life secretary, and the two led the door out together. .

"What? You said that person from Treasure Island is called Chu Shaoyan?" Ka Suo, who was always calm and composed, seemed a little excited after hearing Smith's report. .

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Suddenly—Jiang Dahai, who had a complacent face, suddenly stood up and said, "Chu Shaoyan, don't lie! My younger brother said that you were the one who provoked the trouble first!" ...

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At this moment, Song Yingjie interjected and asked, "You don't need to introduce Shaoyan, you can arrange it directly."

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Chu Shaoyan shook his head slowly: "No, as long as I can hit the enemy, I will not rule out any means. Of course, it is a good way to fight poison with poison. I am thinking about how to make better use of these photos, create the greatest lethality, and give them Fatal blow."

The icy aura on Chu Shaoyan's body made Zhang Haohai and others feel an unprecedented panic! Because giving Ye Ruoxi to the Bamboo Association as a bargaining chip is the most important step for Zhang Haohai to cooperate with the Bamboo Association! Only by sending Ye Ruoxi to the Zhulian Society can the Zhulian Society have the leverage to threaten Ye Tianhe, the president of the Sanlian, and then swallow Ye Tianhe's huge power in Harbor City, so that Zhang Haohai can continue to hang out in Sanlian safely in the future!

"Get out?" As soon as Chu Shaoyan's words fell, the guy who had yelled at Xu Dahui before snorted coldly and said, "How to get out? Could it be that a meeting here can drive the Guam Gang out? "

Toyotomi Masano looked very domineering: "Tomorrow, you and Shaoyan will be here, and you two will accompany me to go fishing at sea!"

Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly, and looked at the goddess in his arms: "'s inconvenient for me to go to Boss Liang's house. She is a single woman, and I went as a grown man, it seems..."

At this moment, Chu Shaoyan seemed to understand the meaning of the words "Iron Bowl Governor", and he replied with a wry smile: "Okay."

At this moment, Chu Shaoyan's heart was churning and he couldn't calm down. Just yesterday he made a decision to alienate some women, so that he could focus on the supreme martial arts of the Taiqing Sect in the future, because he felt that he had been with him before. The girls in Jiangcheng met too closely, and he indulged too much in his desires, so his martial arts suddenly dropped a lot without knowing it, which caused the serious injury this time; Maaya Toyotomi who is now far away in Japan It came suddenly, which made him a little confused! From an emotional point of view, he was eager to meet Toyotomi Maaya! But reason told him that if he really met Toyotomi Maaya, then his previous determination would become meaningless!

That's not allowed by them, even if they sacrifice their lives, what's more, An Linshan is still the precious grandson of the Ouyang family with military background? In the end, Li Sisi's manager didn't say anything, he quickly ran to Li Sisi's side and helped Li Sisi up.

Luo Fangxiong nodded silently, exchanged a glance with Chu Shaoyan and said, "Miss Faulkner, your proposal is very constructive. Regarding this issue, we must report to our superiors and give you an answer before taking action."

Chu Shaoyan said calmly: "Secretary Wang, I think this matter must be filed. The enemy is absolutely powerless politically. What is the reason why they suddenly released this gas bomb at this time? The first is that Wang To appease the Tong family who are about to despair, the second may be to divert our attention, which shows that the enemy is likely to make big moves in the past few days!" .

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Because they knew that apart from his bad temper, Ah Bao was very outstanding in terms of skill and mind. A Bao was able to go with Chu Shaoyan, apparently with Chu Shaoyan's consent, and whether the rest of them could meet that condition was unknown. .

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