what i need for personal loan
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【how to loan family money 】 。

Before he could finish his questioning, the phone fell into a burst of busy tone. Yan Zhixing finished the rest slowly: "Can you only smell my pheromone?"

"After learning about this incident, my first thought was that once this incident comes out, it will definitely have some bad effects!" Huang Xing said, "But if we operate well, maybe bad things can turn into good things! "

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Last time, Shen Yao said that it was not time to drop the knife. And now it was finally time for him to actually say those words.
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"What is this?" Guan Nuoxue threw the pictorial that she was looking at just now in front of Chu Shaoyan. On the cover of the pictorial was a hot girl.
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The old man glanced at him impatiently, then sat down on the dragon chair, and threw the civilization stick aside: "What do you think about this matter? If one is not done well, our old Dugu family will become a laughing stock!"
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However, once Cheng Junzhi and Ren Daudao can't produce hard evidence, not only will the attack against them not be effective, but they will also be used by political opponents to attack them violently, and they will even be unable to protect themselves.
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He uncontrollably picked up the trophy and staggered towards the living room, almost slipping and falling at the door.
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"How is it, Shen Yao?" Guan Shu's eyes were deep, and he was talking to his beloved in this life, "Are you satisfied with the completion of the task you entrusted to me to destroy the wedding?"
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