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Of course, everyone will not forget the humiliation suffered by the Tigers during the last military exercise. ... 400000 business loan

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Jiang Langtao saw that Mr. Jiang had no intention of speaking, so he wisely put his mind on driving. .

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Dou Wei still has a long way to go before becoming a qualified Fengshen team member. ...

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Zhao Jun glanced at everyone present.

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After Fan Jianzhong saw Cheng Gong of the research institute, he greeted him warmly.

Not far away, Chang Lian'an and Zhao Jun ate with fear during this meal.

As a teacher, Chen Guoxun taught Wang Sanpang and the others a lot.

It's a pity that all the instant noodles were distributed to the passengers trapped on the highway, and the soldiers could only endure the hot soup of the instant noodles!

At that time, just wait for the rice to be steamed.

Xie Bing looked at Wang Sanpang and congratulated him.

In the dormitory of the cooking class, Wang Sanpang vaguely remembered that the squad leader Song Gaye covered his quilt several times to prevent Wang Sanpang from catching a cold.

Now that Xie Bing brought it up, Wang Sanpang's heart warmed up again.

Some time ago, the third division had an exercise against the 36th division of the 12th group army, and the third division could be said to have suffered a crushing defeat.

All the troops pressed up, neither the First Army nor the Thirty-Third Army had any hole cards in their hands. .

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The Red Army's Army Aviation Regiment cooperated with the Army soldiers in ground-air cooperation operations, which caused the Blue Army's air defense brigade to suffer a big loss. .

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