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【american mortgage finance 】 Zi Die walked over, but it was a yellow-faced and thin yellow-haired guy. This guy obviously saw a single stunning girl wandering in the quiet street, so he had a different heart, and even wanted to get money and sex. 。

On the second day of Shangguan Zetian and Chu Shaoyan's investigation in Guangnan Province, a phone call made the two of them put down everything immediately and immediately charter a plane to fly back to Jiangcheng.

As expected of Jiangbei's old Disciplinary Committee, when he heard the word "case", Luo Siyuan's eyes lit up and his face sank like water. Luo Qingquan is a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the secretary of the Suzhou City Party Committee. The major case he mentioned is definitely not trivial!

The beautiful woman raised her head, glanced at him arrogantly, then tapped her golden high heels, and walked forward in a clinking manner, while the young man stood respectfully behind her and watched her go away.

Early the next morning, the two packed up their belongings. Chu Shaoyan condensed his internal energy. Taiqing Divine Art is indeed a very powerful internal energy. The serious lung injury was basically healed. It is estimated that within a few days, the body function will be the same as usual No difference. What surprised him was that after this serious injury, his internal energy cultivation had improved a lot, and he had a real feeling when he was condensing his luck.

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And the high-quality dancers in the Dadi Disco also attracted the attention of the teenagers. The short skirts that are as dazzling as gold, the plump thighs in white, the pretty faces, the coquettish dancing postures... all of these make these young Fang Ai The teenager's heart was surging and his blood was boiling.
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"The 120 ambulance has come over there." The Xizhou police officer had been entrusted by his superiors before, and he seemed quite polite, and then drove the police car towards the 120 ambulance.
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"Woohoo!" Luo Yun was startled suddenly, and then struggled vigorously, but after a while, the warm breath and sweet kiss melted the iceberg's shell, and the pink arm stretched out from the rock man's younger generation involuntarily, and hugged him On the shoulders, in order to better enjoy the special kiss, the toes even tipped up slightly unconsciously...
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Everyone laughed, and Jin Shangbang said: "Master Chu, tell me, what should we do to drive Hong Lianshe to a dead end. Damn, I have had enough of their Hong Lianshe's anger these years, and now finally It's time to counterattack and count them down!"
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The two parties each invested 1.5 billion yuan to establish a joint venture Ding Yazhi Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. Huading owns 51% of the shares. Among the eight directors of the joint venture company, Huading has one more director. Among them, Huading Group appointed Dr. Yu Ziming, a returnee, as the president of Yazhi Company, and Haifeng Group appointed Ye Qinrong as the president.
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"You Shuang? She...she likes Chu Shaoyan too...hehe, she likes it too!" Bai Feiyan smirked.
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Luo Yun was hugged by him in astonishment, and then came to his senses, pushed him violently, and cried, "Let go, you scoundrel, do you want to bully me for the rest of your life? I...I won't be as stupid as Jin Lin , fell for you, and was fascinated by your face! Woohoo, let go!"
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Shangguan Zetian also nodded and said: "Yes, Sister Yan, self-blasphemy is indeed a common thing, and my British female classmates rarely do not self-blaspheme..."
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