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It’s just that when I returned to my medicine store, I happened to see You Lao. His face was already scarred. Compared with the original, he was basically recovering. He was in a good mood, but when this happened today, He was a little worried again. ... how can i get business credit

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"Witch's archery skills are really..." .

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The Huaxu clan inherited the Suiren clan, the Suiren clan inherited the Chao clan, and the Fuxi clan inherited the Huaxu clan, and later Ge Tian, Sulu, and Nuwa were all like this. ...

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Dayi thinks it is very possible, this Golden Crow is too stupid, maybe it was born with congenital deficiencies...

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The carving knife fell on the wooden slips, and the place where Dayi's waist was covered by the coir raincoat was covered with such bamboo slips.

"Guides and sundials."

The flames began to suffocate, the dimly lit room gradually became warmer, and the gurgling water was tumbling, and the herbs were soaked up inside, and soon, the unique smell of the herbs wafted here...

That is the horn of the dragon.

He put down his hand. At this time, inside the Great Salt Mountain, Firefox sensed the presence of people from the Chaisang family, and immediately exploded. Chisongzi and Uncle Xi were arguing endlessly about who is more competitive between Chonghua and Zai. Of course, Xi Uncle never expected Chisongzi to have such a big secret, but now, the two seem to have no way to discuss it with peace of mind.

"Are you here..."

Dayi (alert) opened his mouth quickly and interrupted Yuzai's words: "Exactly! It is the Qingqiu Zeze where Dayi killed Dafeng. I visited the Central Plains later to pay my respects, and happened to meet a man who lived there. People, from now on I know Qi Refiners."

"Tell Wu, the Chifang family really had a bumper harvest this year. There are 1,300 grains on this stalk of rice! Back in our days, it was a blessing to have 2,300 grains on a single stalk of rice!"

New home!

Guzi's small face was tense, and he stood up awkwardly, revealing a trace of comic majesty. .

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The sleeping pig was awakened. .

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