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test. chase credit card how long to arrive Bei Gonghen: "Oh, the essence of Gu is a treasure, and it is also a calamity. This time, the essence of Gu is born, and the battle between the sons of the world is also cooperating. The first generation will get the essence of Gu, and the first generation will get the essence of Gu." Only when the essence is absorbed can he be regarded as the real successor of Bei Gonghou. ….

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why credit unions are bad - how does tax credit work .The upper limit of the strength of high-level domain power is one hundred, and Jingmo personally demonstrated for Su Ran that this upper limit of one hundred is not something that can be reached casually. |.

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"This corrupt dynasty, this king will definitely overthrow it!" King Yuyi cursed. .

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Hushanhou's face became extremely ugly, and he said in a deep voice: "Suhou, I have said everything I should say, and I am in the same camp as Suhou, and I will serve the Seventh Prince from now on. You can't obey Suhou, you can't obey the Seventh Prince, and you can't do things for Suhou and the Seventh Prince!" ...

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Su Ling and Lei Gongling are separated by two ends, and there is an unknown distance between them.

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Su Ran: "I have twenty-seven copies of the essence of the domain. Gang Li Haihou observes my domain power and adds two more copies to make twenty-nine copies. How many Gu essences does the Marquis Li Hai have in exchange?"

"You two priests, now that a strong enemy is at your side, would you like to join me to fight against a strong enemy?" Bei Gonghen invited again.

Li Haihou is a first-class marquis, accumulated over the years, there must be a lot of Gu essence in his hands, Li Haihou is also a serious illness, these Gu essence cannot be used, they must be saved.

"You actually have the natal Gu that perfectly matches Yu Shaqiang, no wonder you have such confidence!"

There was anger in King Yuyi's eyes, he made an offering at Rank 4, and he died as soon as he died, but Su Ran absolutely shouldn't have refined the jade muscle water Gu into life Gu!

Flying Immortal Gu and Jade Muscle Water Gu can be synthesized into Eryue Emperor Origin Gu, greatly increasing the strength of domain power.

As soon as Yu Shouqiang stood up, Su Ran stood up proudly.

Emperor Origin Gu is definitely a unique Gu worm, which has never even appeared in the whole world!

Old Demon chuckled: "Mr. Lei has a Thunder Domain Gu Bizhulei Gu. This person has a higher heart than the sky, and has been trying to refine Bizhulei Gu into life Gu."

Let the Gu master who sent the message to retreat first, Su Ran gave Yue Nuer another word, and called out Qian Bumi, and Qian Bumi calmly left the hall. .

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Looking at Shenyou Golden Gu, Su Ran's expression moved slightly: "What about the Gu's essence?" .

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