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Anyone who has a relationship with the emperor must be a cowhide character who has no chance to run away. The characters in the mountains and seas are too complicated. Of course, it is impossible for the emperor to remember too much detail, but the emperor is a golden signboard. You go outside and shout Say, my father is Emperor Kuang, so there must be tribes rushing over to curry favor. ... how can i get a student loan

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He got a very high position in the Yandi tribe, but later he jumped from the Yandi tribe to the Huangdi tribe. The Yellow Emperor once asked Chi You to be in charge of metallurgy, took his eldest son Shaohao, and then... ...

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It's just the group of licking dogs following behind, making it difficult for them to hide.

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Yu Zai also sighed, Ah Hong is the envoy of Tao Tang, after fighting the three seedlings, after so many days of rest, it is indeed time to say goodbye.

Wishing is the behavior used by wizards to pray to totems, gods, heaven and earth for responses and to obtain spells. It is the highest spiritual activity.

Yin Yinhu shook his head: "It just so happens that I can come out this time, so I want to tell you that the Fengshen who responded to you before is actually..."

"After that, you have to go to the blacksmith shop to find Yijun and Yanpan, and ask them to carve shadow puppets for you and make a large wooden stage and box. After that, you need to go to the mill to get oil, soak the cowhide smooth, and then After that, you need to find someone who is very good at singing and dancing..."


He is very happy, his sorrow has ended, even if he sees Chisongzi again, Emperor Yan just hopes that this guy can continue to live well, take his daughter's life, and live together.

Dull like thunder.

Yan Zai answered Danzhu's question while thinking carefully.

When Xuer saw the plow tools that Lao Shuizheng took out, he said that the Central Plains and Dongyi had already started using them, and even exported them overseas. Hearing this name, Lao Shuizheng probably understood something, but he still felt the plow in his heart. A little shocked.

The emperor's face instantly became serious. .

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Chi Du pawed at the ground, tried to stand up, wiped the blood off his mouth at the same time, and remained silent. .

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