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【are there any good online loan vendors? 】 More importantly, the August Stepping on the Sky Wind Gu! 。

Qiu Ying frowned: "You have a good tone, it's up to you!"

The leader of the Beigong family, Beigong Ling, has cultivated many loyal followers for so many years. These people dare not stand up again.

"The Moxin Sect and the August Immortal are the biggest forces in the world. If we really have to fight, the Immortal Dynasty can't beat the Moxin Sect and the August Immortal. However, the Moxin Sect and the August Immortal are not invincible.

During the five days when King Yuyi raised the flag of rebellion, many marquis leaders had their Gu essence scoured.

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"Niu Chengkui, Marquis of Nanshan..."
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huge roar came from the valley, and a terrifying battle began.
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King Yu Yi paused.
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Of course, Su Ran was also trying to scare Bei Gonghen, Bei Gonghen's small thoughts, he could see clearly, he didn't bother to point it out, why didn't he rush to talk about the backer behind Qian Shanhou, why didn't he know about rank five Gu Immortals? It exists, and it is estimated that it is hidden.
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"Su Ran used the wind stepping wind Gu's Wind Wuxiang to leave. If I'm not mistaken, Qianmo's body is usually outside, and the main body turns into the wind and wanders nearby. I sensed a force of wind and entered the mountain of immortality, but I don't know. Due to the detailed conditions in the mountain, it is impossible to determine whether Qianmo entered the mountain." The main demon replied lightly.
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Su Ran calculated that Hushanhou's domain strength was between seventy and seventy-five, not much worse than him, and he was qualified to fight him.
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"No need to say much."
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Qu Jinghong nodded, he also realized the strength of the woman, he was no match.
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