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He was quietly in front of the vase, and he could detect the undercurrent of this game. Shen Yao could realize that the bet in this game should not be as simple as money, so except for Yan Zhixing, the small movements of the other three people inadvertently exposed their nervousness. .

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How dare you? How dare you treat Shen Yao like this? ...

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The hair brushed against his Adam's apple like a feather, and Yan Zhixing's Adam's apple rolled up and down violently, and even stopped his instinct, he suddenly hugged Shen Yao and walked into the bedroom in the lounge.

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"So what?" Shen Yao's face was beautiful and cold, without any compromise or concession, he raised his eyes to look at Hu Bin, "I have already shown great mercy and did not let you die."

"Can your leg still walk? It seems quite pitiful if it is broken like this." Shen Yao's eyes seemed to be genuinely concerned, but he turned around and said, "But the handcuff is very beautiful, and it will be fine if you use it for a while." very nice."

Huang Xing stood up, his hair seemed to stand on end, his eyes were piercing, and none of the people below dared to meet him.

But he still raised his arms and hugged Yan Zhixing tightly.

Guan Shu has completely lost control, and the smell of vetiver grows wildly in the air. His marksmanship has always been very accurate, but this time the hit was not a dead spot, he did not deliberately aim because——

Guan Shu didn't go to the guest seats, he walked on the aisle in the middle, and the direction along the way was obviously towards the master of ceremonies.

Without even a hint of warning, his palms tightened suddenly, the veins on his arms bulged, and then he pulled down forcefully, dragging Shen Yao in front of him. .

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