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"Shan Flood, this is not something we can control, right?" ... irs how to write off bad business loan

test. grant book and business loan Playing with barrels was not popular in ancient China. The earliest barrels appeared in the Shang Dynasty, or in other words, there were no barrels in the era of the four ancient civilizations. However, the absence of barrels does not mean that everyone will not hold water. Many gadgets were invented in the ancient country, and their functionality is similar to that of wooden barrels. ….

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The so-called red pine nuts can go up and down with the wind and rain... .

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At this time, someone came over from outside the door, saying that the Chifang family had sent out bamboo slips again. ...

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A bamboo arrow shot out and shot into the soil.

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Is this still the Golden Crow? Isn't this just chicken!

This thing is much better than that flat stone shovel! That thing is still a product of the Neolithic Age!

The first man comforted Chonghua: "Brother, don't be discouraged. There are many powerful people in the world. Although my brother's plow has been made a long time ago, I will definitely be able to make something better!"

The sentry said: "I'll take you to meet them! This is going to get worse! My Judah army is completely wiped out, and the wizards, patriarchs, and gods are all gone..."

Naturally, the more such crops, the better.

You know, a god, compared to wizards and mortals, must first be a full-scale hexagonal warrior. One aspect is the overflow of attributes, which is God.

Regarding the matter of borrowing cattle, although the Hong family was unwilling to do so, Yu Zai knew the nature of the Hong family well, and told the teacher that he was a little greedy, while the Hong family was a big one. It was called a cow totem, but it was actually an iron rooster totem. , so to impress the Mo Hong family, one must offer benefits.

"Sir, you have to remember, if someone makes trouble..."

Uncle Xi calculated the time.

Then don't you give me some secrets of the legendary ax technique? For example, the ax of Xingtian, the ax of Pangu, the status of ax and ax was high in ancient times, so many people used axes, so there should be many capable people with good axes.... .

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"The old tortoise can't go head-to-head. It's a new land beast... a land beast, even if it's an ordinary bloodline, it must be a mighty warrior who has awakened three times to match it. Let me be the main attacker." .

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