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From low-level domain power to middle-level domain power, there is a way to find, but from medium domain power to high-level domain power, the middle is like a natural moat. ... bad credit home loans kansas

test. bad credit direct lenders payday loans The appearance of the True Yang Jing has made Su Ran aware of many things. ….

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Su Ran nodded: "You go first." .

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Just block the opponent's face and improve! ...

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In an instant, there was a sea of water under everyone's feet.

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He frowned slightly: "Where's Beigonghen?"

He is in full condition now, and Qian Shanhou's domain power is definitely not as good as him.

Zhetian Patriarch roared: "Prevent his speed, Yayoi gathers the fog!"

"Fu Bei Ming Gu, it is Fu Bei Ming Gu that helped Su Ran to fight against Rank 5!" said the last son.

Not to mention the question of whether they can beat or not, Wan Gu City will definitely be destroyed.

He stopped immediately, perhaps because he was not cultivated enough to absorb the artistic conception of the immortal law.

Su Ran briefly talked about the shattering of the Central Territory, the arrival of Gu Immortals, and the collapse of the Central Territory...

Su Ran and Qian Budie all flashed beside Qian Shanhou, and Yu Shaqiang and Heavy Bone's Edge also landed on Qian Shanhou's flesh together.

Gong Jiuhuang can't do it.

On the day when the Gu essence was born, all the major forces hiding in the dark must have taken action one after another. .

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Moreover, if it wasn't for the Illusory Immortal Gu, he would have fallen into the hands of Qian Shanhou's Jiuhuan Kongyu. .

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