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These tribes will be completely merged into one in the age of the Kaiming clan. This is the origin of the ancient Shu tribe. The bloodlines gradually assimilated during the blending, and finally they were not separated from each other.

Therefore, if you want to be a teacher, you must show sincerity.

The human body is a tangible body, which is composed of essence and blood. It is precisely because Guang Chengzi practiced the mysterious energy of the sky that he has a "full body and full muscles", which shows that the essence of the human body is extremely strong and powerful, and he does not need to eat egg whites. pink.....

His words have been recognized by many people, and those who bowed their heads and said nothing began to echo. They seem to have found a reason to justify their ignorance and justify their ignorance...No, but they can't say ignorance, but It is a traditional custom, and in their view, it is just and correct.

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The leaders of the surrounding tribes didn't think there was any problem, but the wizard of the Huren Kingdom said that the golden crow and the chicken look completely different, how could it be possible to pretend to be a chicken...
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"If it weren't for the fugitive slaves from Silin, how could we be treated like this? Fortunately, the chief gave us a chance to make amends. As long as we can kill enough Hongzhou people, we can become the people of Cangwu. In this way, I am also a Cangwu person, and my descendants will no longer be humble and stupid Xi people."
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Zize was very surprised to see the Bull God being overturned, but there were a few strange people in her eyes.
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The reason why Guang Chengzi wanted to temper his body and mana to the extreme was to be able to continuously use this kind of skill that was not very practical but had a strong pretense....
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But Guangchengzi was nearby, and he told Yuzai that there was indeed such a love story, which was normal in that era.
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But Bo Chengzigao resigned when Dayu was in power, and the princes also quit. All the fiefdoms were returned, and he went home to farm by himself. Dayu asked him in fear what he did not do well?
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Not far away, someone scolded Guang Chengzi: "You say you are a hundred years old, but you don't look like a hundred-year-old when you run!"
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