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When Zhou Changfeng saw the disciples of the Guiyuan Daozong camp, he immediately flew into a rage. A thousand of them participated in the Longmen War, but they didn't expect that when they left, more than 300 people died! .

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With the passage of time, it has completely decayed, and the years are merciless, and everything in the world has turned to dust.

Continue to read, there are more detailed introductions above, as well as the cultivation method.

But the corpses all over the ground are constantly reminding those who are still alive, what kind of existence is life?

Lan Die said: "Although our loss this time is not small, it is not to the point of hurting our bones, but the police are a bit annoying. Master Chu, are you looking for your police beauty?"

"Bai Liuyun, a peerless genius in Tiandu County, was accepted as a closed disciple by Xiao Hanwen, and was specially recruited into the Xuantian Authentic Sect, enjoying completely different treatment from ordinary freshman disciples."

This is the realm Xia Gan has been pursuing!

"West Desolate City, the Refining Guild, Qu Hong!"

At this moment, a sneer suddenly came!

In an instant, Xia Gan and his group saw the dozen or so people who broke into the Nether Flower Sea, their bodies quickly withered and twisted, and after a while, they all turned into bones! .

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