i think my student loans hurt my credit score. how do i dispute?
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【california small loan lender act 】 Wuzhuang didn't speak, his face was dark. 。

Xu Ao's soldiers began to collapse. Following the horrified shouts, a large number of people screamed and fled backwards, throwing themselves into the river. Countless soldiers were knocked away by their own people, trampled by their own people, killed by strange beasts in the middle, and even Fighting each other for a piece of floating wood!

At this time, Yan Zai was also awakened by his actions, and seeing Chi Songzi looking at him strangely, Yan Zai happened to have something to ask him.

The great shaman got up early, originally he said that there would be people from the eastern coast, Chengjiu's country, coming here today. The Gaoshi family had already sent someone who went ahead, overcame all obstacles, and came back after all the hardships. It won't be long, after all, you can't ride a horse in the mountains.

"I've been trapped in this place without any development. We're tired of worshiping the black snake! That evil giant snake actually asks to pay it a pair of virgin boys and girls every year. Although it only needs one tribe to come out every year, but this It is also unacceptable to us!"

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That is "selective cultivation".
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Niu Village did not make any movement during this incident.
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Yan Zai was also dumbfounded.
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"Her, how do you know her?"
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"In the Central Plains, if you want to do this job, even if you are very capable, you can't recommend yourself. You must be recommended by others. For example, I was sent to the south by the emperor in the early years, so I learned about water control, and when I went back, it was Gong Gong's negligence. The emperor asked other people, with Siyue as the leader, and the ministers recommended me, so I was able to manage the river."
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"It really looks like it, it looks like it!"
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"In order to protect the people on both sides of the strait as much as possible, is Chongbo's intention (starting point) wrong?"
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"Because of the ravages of the great river, the people in the north are in dire straits, and they don't have much food. We launch a plundering war against them. We can get very little. Even if those people are used as slaves, we have no extra rations to feed them. , Fight north, fight west, fight east...there is no food in the north, barren land in the west, and strange beasts entrenched in the east. If you fight, it will not be worth the loss."
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