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Chu Shaoyan took the towel and carefully wiped his cousin's face, neck and behind the ears. ... how to apply for a va small business loan

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Just when Chu Shaoyan was strategizing, Li Yang and Luo Xiaogang, secretly sent by Wu Hongda, had already started a fierce confrontation. The collision between the two was sparks everywhere, very enthusiastic, and even attracted onlookers.

Chu Shaoyan stared at her silently. For the woman in front of him, he has very complicated feelings, familiarity, intimacy, love, and even a touch of guilt.

He is not seen through because he has a huge advantage, he is not betting for himself, so he is not afraid of losing.

Staring at the peerless beauty in his arms, Chu Shaoyan's heart was overwhelmed, and his eyes were fixed on the beautiful white and delicate collarbone of the goddess Huading.

When Wu Hongda went out, his expression was rather cloudy. Twenty minutes later, he returned to the Public Security Bureau and called Luo Xiaogang, the captain of the criminal investigation team of the third responsibility area, into the office.

"You still dare to threaten the uncle, it seems that you fucking need this!" The fat man grabbed his neck and brought the lighter close to his body.

The rock man shrugged, resigned. .

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Going to sea? Chu Shaoyan frowned slightly. My cousin is lying on the hospital bed, how can I go out to sea with peace of mind? Once something happened and I couldn't come back for a while, what should I do? .

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