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The sky wind howled, because because of coming here, the dust swelled and the sky sound echoed. His height of five feet made him stand out from the crowd, and his shadow cast down. The ancient majesty stunned many wizards.

"Put your paws out."

In the light, a little golden crow appeared. Under its feet, the reef turned into scorched earth, and the wet water vapor was also evaporated. It was born with wings flapping, and its two eyes seemed to be able to talk. Cuckoo's IQ is a bit naive, so this one is cold and proud, and his intelligence is a little higher than Cuckoo's.

After looking at it for a while, Yu Zai found that the air here was obviously heavy and slowed down, but the normal air of heaven and earth was still free.

Hong Feng!

And to be honest, there must be Sanyun-level fighters in most of the three seedlings, and maybe there are hero-level monsters!

Someone came out, and they were the older group of four hundred young and middle-aged people, called Yan Wei.

The big shield was beaten up!

"What, you said that Yu Zai organized a group of warriors to go to the front line to dig mountains and build roads?!"

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Heishui is a huge water system. It is the third invisible river that does not exist in the witness of later generations. It originates from the northern capital, flows from the kingdom of Xuanqiu to Kunlun in the northwest, and flows from Kunlun Mountain where the Queen Mother of the West lives. It flowed nearby, then flowed all the way to the southwest, and finally turned a corner, in the Great Southern Wilderness, all the way to the South China Sea. .

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