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【in all levels but physical i am a small loan of a million dollars 】 "President Ye, I think what Jinlong said is right. Although Chu Shaoyan has meritorious service, but the merits and rewards do not match, it will inevitably affect other members of the gang!" At this time, the neutral Xu Lao also spoke, and Xu Lao seemed to be in the gang. His prestige was good, and when he spoke in a low voice to echo Ye Shao's crowd, his voice became a lot louder. 。

Seeing Chu Shaoyan's serious expression, Xu Dahui couldn't help nodding his head, but added: "Can't the dozen or so backbone brothers we had a meeting just say?"

In the past, because of the weather, the growers in the Golden Triangle were miserable, and the output of white powder was much less than in previous years. As a major customer of the Golden Triangle, Sanlianhui has the lowest price. If General Cai Ba stopped trading with the Sanlianhui and sold that batch of goods to other buyers in the future, it would not be a problem to double the price.

"I know!" Everyone roared in unison.

"At this point, I don't need to lie to you anymore. That incident was indeed adapted from a real incident." Liu Yong once again showed an expression of reminiscence: "I have a daughter, she is very beautiful, and she She also died three years ago. She was killed by someone, but that person was not Ye Jinlong, but one of Ye Jinlong's subordinates. Later, that person has been punished. Although Ye Jinlong is not good at dealing with people, but in Sanlian Among the younger generation, he can take advantage of the word "excellent", and he will not do such stupid things because of his beauty and impulse."

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Perhaps it was the killing intent on Mike and the others that made the vice-captain a little worried, or maybe the weapons of Mike and the others were too advanced. Seeing Mike and the others appear, the vice-captain frowned instantly.
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The two big men couldn't help but let go of their hands, and the guns fell. At the same time, they opened their mouths, as if they were about to scream! However, Chu Shaoyan didn't give them a chance, his hands suddenly turned into palms, facing the two people's mouths, grabbing them and twisting them forcefully, the necks of the two people were broken!
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"President Ye, what's wrong with Toyotomi Maaya?" Hearing the words Toyotomi Maaya, Chu Shaoyan's heart moved and he couldn't help asking.
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After about a few minutes, Liu Yong recovered from the memories, his expression was very sad, and perhaps because of the several hours of surgery before, he looked a little tired.
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The big man was a little worried when he saw Chu Shaoyan coming, so he didn't make a move for a while, but when he heard Ye Jinlong's order, he made another move without hesitation.
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Seeing Saha's sincere expression, Chu Shaoyan understood that Saha was not lying. In the current form, if Saha knew it, he would definitely say it.
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At this time, a cloudy and vigilant eye fell on Chu Shaoyan, with a dangerous light in his eyes; five meters in front of Chu Shaoyan, an adult South China tiger stared at Chu Shaoyan with hatred, and at the same time From time to time, it showed its sharp teeth full of chills.
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Speaking of this, Chu Shaoyan sighed helplessly and said, "But now, I feel that fate will also change character in reverse."
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