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【small business loan for residential property 】 After the girls were sent to the Huali Group Building, Chu Shaoyan met with Ye Jinlin, and the two met in a quiet bar open 24 hours a day. 。

During this period, Shangguan Zetian and Chu Shaoyan came to inspect once. Although Toyotomi Maaya hid her emotions very well, Shangguan Zetian still noticed something wrong with her feminine sensitivity.

At this moment, several police officers rushed over and grabbed Bai Bishan, and bowed and apologized to Chu Shaoyan several times. Chu Shaoyan smiled faintly, waved his hands, and led a few people towards the parking lot without saying much.

Zi Die smiled and said: "Is it very confusing? Hehe, no, my mother is not the wife that my father is marrying, she is still unmarried, and I am just a dispensable illegitimate daughter. If you want to If I have children, I will be an eyesore, so I will go to the United States and never come back."

Under Chu Shaoyan's substantive gaze, Xu Feng nodded involuntarily.

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Chu Shaoyan also provided another clue: Zhao Jiahua, director of drug testing at Bai Yutang, and Hong Bin, director of pharmaceutical sales channels, are also suspected of being under his control.
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In addition, as the executive vice governor of Jiangdong, according to the newly revised "Provincial Party Committee Work Rules", he will act as the governor during the investigation. This change immediately caused Jiangcheng's political arena to be turbulent, and all kinds of strange talks were turbulent and clamored.
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At this time, the deputy mayor Xu Yuanpei raised his hand and spoke: "After listening to Secretary Luo's words, I was terrified! I was still in charge of urban construction and transportation, so I was responsible for the dereliction of duty by the urban construction committee..."
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Guan Nuoxue nodded silently, then kissed him lightly on the scar on his chest: "Give the hero a military medal!"
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"Woooo!" Zhao Xiu cried out in despair.
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Chu Shaoyan stared at him angrily, and said, "District Chief Sima, you've been busy recently, haven't you? Leaving nearly a million ordinary people behind, cheating on food and drink everywhere."
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Due to its location at the junction of Jiangbei Province and Jiangcheng, the transportation is convenient, and it is located in the key tourist area of the two provinces, Huxue Town has always been extremely developed in certain industries. For example: flesh and blood trading and gambling, and drugs.
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During the meeting, Chu Shaoyan sat silently at the back without saying a word. And Ye Jinlin also sat on the sidelines, even Ye Changning personally came to ask her to sit in the chairman's seat, but she refused on the grounds that "I was just monitoring the progress of the matter", and sat safely in a corner of the conference room.
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