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That was An Ran pinching her nose and talking—— ... student loan interest deduction applicable

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"Just... what happened?" .

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And in terms of real cultivation, they are at least Golden Immortals, who are higher than the current Gu Ming Shaozun. Whether they will give Gu Ming less respect is still unknown. ...

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"Bah! Shameless!"

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Nan Guo Lao Dao is worthy of being an Immortal King, his gaze is like a torch, and he has deduced many details in a flash: "If the old Daoist reads correctly, they should have left from this direction!"

"It's nothing, why don't you tell me who you need to use my illusion against?"

The two golden fairies thumped twice, and fell to the ground without thinking.

"The cultivation base has completely stabilized."

"But my lord clearly said that I was seriously injured when I broke through, and I needed to hide my identity to heal my wounds, but as long as I work for him, when he regains his peak strength, he can bring me endless glory and wealth..."

In the end, the Taoist went from legend to reality and came before them.

In the magic eye, there was a hoarse chuckle.

Who would have expected that An Ran's eyes would become even weirder: "Then have you ever thought that your compatriot...is also an extraterrestrial demon?"

Old Daoist Nan Guo lowered his hands, looking extremely obedient and obedient: "Strictly speaking, the old Daoist only knew the news for more than two hundred years."

【this world! There is no magic and no immortality! Some are just beasts that have multiplied to the peak...] .

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"Strictly speaking, Young Master Gu Ming is just our incidental target. If he is not with that woman, we don't need to worry about him..." .

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