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【is it better to start a business cash or loan 】 Seeing that Chu Shaoyan didn't speak, Liu Yong suddenly showed a relaxed expression. If Chu Shaoyan hadn't understood the speed of the face change, he would definitely be surprised. 。

This trophy was given to him by Guan Shu.

"Honey, what's the matter with you?" Seeing that Shi Pinghu's face was so ugly, the seductive woman who was neglected by Shi Pinghu couldn't help but hooked Shi Pinghu's neck with both hands and asked ecstatically.

Preventing Yan Zhixing from continuing is a purpose.

"Brother Chu, do you suspect that Jin Shanyu's people leaked the news?" Although A Bao was reckless, his brain was not stupid, and he quickly guessed Chu Shaoyan's intention of asking, and he frowned and said: "Jin Shanyu Yu and us have not been cooperating for a day or two, and in the past two or three years, there will be no problems every time we cooperate, and they should not betray us!"

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Abao sighed and said: "Ten years ago, I failed the college entrance examination, and my parents had a car accident at that time. For me at that time, these two blows were undoubtedly a disaster. I almost committed suicide by jumping into the sea at that time. Later, I actually figured it out, instead of dying like that, it is better to live a life in a hurry! So I joined the gang, I want to find passion and excitement in the gang life! But now you can see it, in Dongying Ryukyu Mansion, With my current status in the Sanlian Association, there is no stimulation at all for me to follow up..."
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"I see, I'll come up right away." Chu Shaoyan had already guessed the result, and was not surprised by Tang Hu's words at this time.
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Chu Shaoyan heard that the guy who scolded his mother outside was Jiang Wanquan, kill this bastard from the East Star Society! Such a voice came out of Chu Shaoyan's heart.
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Only one person can pass through the entrance of the alleyway, and he can't walk through the omega. Guan Shu frowned impatiently, and said bluntly, "Get out of the way, don't get in the way."
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He is an Omega who can only dance, and has no power or power in Beicheng, making Shen Fulin conceited that he has the full power to control him in the palm of his hand.
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"Congratulations too." Gu Yunyun glanced at Shen Yao, and praised sincerely, "A very beautiful omega."
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The same is true for the five killers today. In a normal mind, judging from the situation they have now, it is not difficult for them to kill Chu Shaoyan and others; but now, their mood has changed, so, then The results will also change.
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Liang Yufen's heart tightened, and she instantly guessed what Guan Shu had done, and she stopped protecting Guan Shu, and looked at him with a changed expression: "Are you looking for that omega again?"
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