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【when it pays to have a mortgage in retirement 】 Because red pine nuts have been continuously affecting the wind and rain system in the south recently, they finally alarmed a certain "rain god" here in the south. 。

Taiyue Lu Boyi, the master of the west.

"It just happened this time. If the monkey's descendant is really watching nearby, then my movement this time is also a shock..."

Near the public land, a large piece of land was selected that was opened in the early summer of this year. Here, as the starting point of the "production village", oxen pulled plows to settle in it, and various agricultural tools were also continuously delivered.

People who have come from the era of poverty and struggle, no matter what era they are in, are all the same simplicity. Helping each other can get greater benefits, and being close to each other can get more solid backing. What the South needs most now is to deal with catastrophes test.

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Moreover, the collapse of the big river is a complete collapse. From the upstream to the downstream, it stretches over half of the mountains and seas. The damage caused by the impact along the way, as well as the atmosphere of the heavens and the earth, the closer to the downstream, the stronger and more unstoppable it is!
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Waking up in the morning, the beautiful day continued. Xiaoman and the others got their first "salary". The introduction of Bei Peng from the southeast coast gradually spread to the inland, but there is not much here in Asahara.
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"Sun Fist!"
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But Zhu Rong thought that the appearance of Yan Zai might be one of the reasons why the emperor asked him to come to the south.
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Can you still hang out on the road after you go out!
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"Forget it, you often say some strange things, maybe you have some new ideas, but it doesn't matter, because I also have new things here, and I have also invented new vocabulary!"
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Yan Zai looked at the wizards and warriors around him. At this time, the Xu Ao soldiers on the West Beach had basically been cleaned up, and the flames gradually weakened. Yan Zai wiped off the dust on his face, whistled, and the wind The beast floated out from nowhere, consciously turning into a circle.
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"Wait, by the way, what you said before, if you go to Shiki Asahara's place to work, is it true that you will be provided with food and housing?"
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