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Toyotomi Masano spoke louder, not only Chu Shaoyan, but also Toyotomi Maaya in the distance could hear clearly. Immediately, the expressions of the two were quite strange. Seeing that Chu Shaoyan did not move, Toyotomi Maaya looked at Chu Shaoyan slightly disappointed, then his expression returned to normal, and he walked towards the two of them steadily. ... how do i get a small home loan

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small loan of one million kekes - can i apply for a small business loan . Qian Shan opened the door and walked in, then looked at a middle-aged man sitting behind the desk in the spacious office. |.

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would i be able to get a small loan if unemployed best bank for small business loan ga .After thinking this through, Chu Shaoyan let out a sigh of relief and said, "Mr. Shi, give me five days. After five days, I will guarantee that none of those troublesome Guam gangs will disappear from Ryukyu Mansion. Oh, no no , to be precise, none of them left has disappeared from the ground of your Dongpu!" .

At this time, Su Yushan ran up and patted Qian Shan on the shoulder, and sat down next to him. .

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Although the stone was dodged at once, it was just that he stepped on the edge of the not-so-wide mountain road with this step, and his foot was unsteady. When he slid to the side, he stepped directly into the air, and the whole person leaned towards the mountain road. ...

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"Go away!" Liu Dayong glanced at the big man indifferently and said, "Chairman Ye can be inspected by you?"

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Ye Tianhe seemed to know what Yang Zhiyuan was going to say, he waved his finger and pointed at Chu Shaoyan and said, "This is Shaoyan, my prospective son-in-law, the future heir of the Sanlian Association."

"Have you ever been to that island?" Chu Shaoyan asked after thinking about it.

Fortunately, the place where he lives is only on the 20th floor. If it is a taller residential building, the roof may not be easy to go up to, but the roof of his residential building is very casual. When you go to the roof, you can still see other people drying it here. Clothes, sheets, etc.

Several times before last year, Chu Shaoyan had been in contact with Ye Ruoxi's granddaughter, and he had almost treated Ye Ruoxi as a younger sister. However, Ye Tianhe's reason for asking him to be his bodyguard is not sufficient.

At the gate of the arena, Chu Shaoyan squeezed his fists and looked at him angrily, as if his eyes would tear him apart.

The thin man grinned and took a painful breath: "Try it, you can give me more appearance fees, ten thousand is not enough to twenty thousand! I think that kid is also short of money, as long as he has enough money, he may still pick it up, as long as he Take it, hehe... hiss—it hurts." He turned his head and glanced at the big man who was focused on eating.

A few seconds later, Kong Dahu let out a soft drink and began to approach Qianshan.

Zhang Guangsheng rolled his eyes quickly, thinking about his plan after saving Chu Shaoyan, although he didn't know why Chu Shaoyan fell into the water. But he can be sure that Chu Shaoyan and the others are in a very bad situation. If Chu Shaoyan and the others did not meet him, they might be buried in the sea; but now that he saved them, it is equivalent to Chu Shaoyan owed him One life, and Chu Shaoyan, as the number one person in the underground world of the Ryukyu Mansion, saving such a person would bring unimaginable benefits. Thinking of this, Zhang Guangsheng smiled. In the dark, his smile was extremely cunning!

For a while, both of them fell into silence, quietly looking at Qian Shan on the hospital bed. Various instruments beside him were also monitoring Qian Shan's vital signs, which were very stable and healthy.

"Mr. Chu, I have smoke bombs here!" Mike suddenly took out two smoke bombs from his bag, which also contained a submachine gun and a pistol. .

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Lu'an City Fifth Boxing Club. .

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