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【what is credit approval 】 "What?" Zi Die was puzzled and leaned forward. 。

"This is the first kiss she kept for eighteen years. Isn't this very precious? The first kiss is yours, so is Sister Zetian and Sister Lingjiao, right? Scoundrel, you just ruined Shangguan's family like this The three sisters!"

Chu Shaoyan did not answer, but asked: "Mayor Xiao, if one day I immigrate to a foreign country, what do you think..."

After several observations, Chu Shaoyan found that the villa was naturally heavily guarded, with at least 20 or 30 high-quality gunmen ambushing it, and Chu Shaoyan even found an old friend from a certain window——Jiangcheng Wuba, Wu Hui military!

It seems that the Jiangcheng local faction already has plans to form an alliance with the Xiao family. After all, the Tong family has always been on the wrong side of the sword, not the right path, and the local faction has always been almost incompatible with it. In the current municipal committee, the Tong faction is powerful, and the local faction must find a backer, while the Xiao faction is the largest force in Jiangcheng other than the Tong faction, the local faction and the Xiao faction are in an alliance, and the two complement each other.

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"What's the matter?" Zidie asked enthusiastically.
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At the same time as the Standing Committee was held, Li Shengbei, deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, was flying over the land of East China, arriving in Jinling from the capital. Liu Shaohua, Secretary Liu Wenyuan's confidant and deputy secretary-general of the Provincial Party Committee, had been waiting at the airport for a long time. After receiving Li Shengbei, he immediately rushed towards the Provincial Party Committee.
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The girls took a closer look, and then suddenly realized.
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"Yes, yes! A big group like yours is powerful, how can you value such a small amount of money? Ha ha!" Mr. Wang started to enter his account, and soon saw an extra one million euros in his account, and was pleasantly surprised Nodding repeatedly: "Thank you, Mr. Ye!"
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Shangguan Lingjiao looked at him and sighed timidly, and asked: "Do you think brother Shaoyan will come?"
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"How dare you!" Shangguan Lingjiao roared angrily, "Arrogance requires both capital and restraint! Even the son of a high-ranking official will definitely not cause trouble like a crazy woman like you!"
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Shu Lihong pondered for a moment, and said decisively: "Got it. Li's aunt works in the Discipline Inspection Commission, and her husband is a director of the Discipline Inspection Commission. How about I discuss it with Li and give you a response?"
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"It's Shaoyan!" Guan Nuoxue shouted with sharp eyes.
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