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"Sister Yun, who said that!" The policewoman laughed giggly, and patted the tall and straight peaks, "I don't know how good this lady is, I have a big vacation recently, so I can have a good rest for a while , Sister Yun, you are now settled in our Dajiang City from Hangzhou City, I am too happy to be in time!" ...

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The blue veins on Guan Shu's arm gradually became violent due to excessive force, as long as Shen Yao dared to move his footsteps, he would wish to break Shen Yao's leg.

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"Of course!" Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly, "I've never forced anyone to say that,"

He didn't raise his chin slightly until he felt his body gradually warming up, which could only be regarded as cooperation, not even a response at all.

Not long after he returned to the villa, Shangguan Zetian called him away. After a good night's sleep, the beauty's cheeks were flushed with a certain radiance.

Guan Shu couldn't help cursing, he leaned against the railing behind him. Knowing that he couldn't get through the phone, he still made persistent calls over and over again.

His voice got higher and higher, and finally turned into an uncontrollable roar: "You didn't just give me the theater tickets, did you? Otherwise, why would he just sit next to me? You broke up with me because you met Is Yan Zhixing right?"

He asked, "When did you learn to smoke?"

Zhuo Ran asked the most critical question: "Can you swim?" .

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