which principal in terms of mortgage
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【how to get rid of 2nd mortgage 】 "You mean, you're going to swallow that totem?" 。

Xing Tian, or for the sake of distinction, should be called "Xing Tian Shi", or "Xing Tian Shi".

Qie Jian was cursing and pointing with the hatchet at the same time.

Zize's anger reached its peak. She had never been humiliated like this before. In the past, even if the emperor arranged marriages for her, she would not bother to look at the leader of the Cangwu people. At that time, the Cangwu people were still Very strong, but now it is getting weaker and weaker. It has fallen from the original diamond rank to the silver rank. This is exactly what Yan Zai said, and the slavery system has entered a stage of collapse.

The wizard of the Huren Kingdom still said to other humans: "I think this girl is still unsaved. Her condition now looks a bit like a sign of an epidemic. We often have epidemics here. If she stays in Jiangzhou City, we will It's dangerous."

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The fist is like a gust of wind and rain, gods and ghosts are not afraid of Nu Ren's power, but Chi Songzi cuts off his beard and abandons his robe, and fights Nu Ren naked!
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At this point, Yan Zai is still not as good as the orthodox and professional totem gods.
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Yan Zai also stayed far away, saying:
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If the person in front of him is really Chu Feng, then what did those two sentences mean?
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After receiving the news within two days and then killing them, Xi really didn't know how these Chu people did it. Judging from their situation, it was obvious that they had premeditated.
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He was bragging just now that no more than five of his Sun and Moon Swords could be blocked in the whole world, but now he slaps him in the face immediately?
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Vast farmland, a large number of mulberry forests and hemp fields, so that the weaving industry can be developed....
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Fortunately, there are not many monsters in this world who can be called overlords. Even decades or hundreds of years ago, there were still only a handful of monsters of this level. The evolutionary chain has already explained everything. If a creature wants to evolve to the pinnacle of its species, it must occupy a lot of resources and take a long time.
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