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【what is the maximum age for a mortgage 】 The High Priest's expression was normal at first, but then he froze for a moment. 。

"I'm not talking about you, what's the relationship between us, let's talk."

The great witch of the Chaisang family praised the two of them so much, and laughed, which made Yu Tu very nervous, while Yu Shu didn't know what to think, and felt a little ashamed. He was only punished here to help treat illnesses for To redeem the mistakes he made, how dare he accept the praise of a great witch.

The reinforcements of Changfeng's Field and Changpu's Lake also imitated the three mountains and four fields. For a while, the mountains and forests shook, and the fighting strength of 8,000 people, full of energy and blood, came from a distant place to join the battle with a burst of anger to defend their homeland. !

The High Priest makes his debut.

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"Poor Chikata-san!"
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Dayi said that he did not beat anyone, it was true, and he sincerely wanted to turn enemies into friends with them. After all, he had a rule of not killing, and he was a reasonable person. If I make troubles, I will definitely commit crimes, so the Mo Hong family can completely trust Dayi to show his virtue!
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Although the wizard of the Diyou family said that he didn't care, he still tried to work harder in the end, so that this dude wouldn't be stupid, but Shandu God didn't listen at all!
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Xiang Lei pressed his spear against the monster's head, scaring the monster into begging for mercy, but no one here could recognize this monster.
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That fist, which was twice the size of the cauldron that Dayi used to cook the fish, slammed down hard on the face of the wizard Di Youshi!
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Xiaoxue, fight against yourself, the air is cold and the snow will fall, the ground is not too cold and the snow is not too heavy.
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A summer rain caused the water level in Daze to rise a lot.
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dog ball ball!
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