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The Yayoi disciples have a good relationship with the Savage Domain Controlling Gu, and they will not be attacked by the Savage Domain Controlling Gu when they enter the Savage Domain. .

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The black sunflower patriarch left Gu poison in Lin Henyou's body, which can be triggered at any time to control Lin Henyou's life and death, but for the sake of the ninth-grade reverse blood phoenix Gu, he still can't poison Lin Henyou to death. ...

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After everyone showed up, they scanned the surrounding area of 100 meters, but found nothing.

"The chessboard is gone!"

Without changing his face, Su Ran leaned out again, adjusted his body to face the direction of the casual cultivator army, and then——

This taste is completely different from the red warm lotus seeds from Longshanzhai.

"Wang Ruhai, Wang Xiaoge, Wang Ru... are all here."

With the information from Wan Gu Tower, all the conditions of Duan Tianyuan have been confirmed, which can save a lot of trouble.

Su Ran rejoiced: "Fortunately, I didn't take the normal path to get here, otherwise I would have been discovered in advance."

Even if he didn't come to this underground red rock area, under the influence of the Gu group, all the magma seas would eventually capsize, it's just a matter of time, his arrival only accelerated the process.

The two white-haired old men suddenly stood up, "Xiao Kong, quickly send Liu Mi Zhu Gu back to Wan Gu City, and send a message to the chief landlord!"

From there further down, there are almost no rocks. .

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Although only one of the five people can pass through together if they know the passage, Wan Gu Tower will not let you be cautious. .

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