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"Is that so?" Su Ran paused, he planned to merge into a healing Gu worm, to see if he could heal the hidden wounds in his body. ... when does bankruptcy leave credit report

test. what value does the video recommend keeping your credit utilization percentage below? Putting the Yin snake Gu pupa back, Su Ran looked at other rare Gu pupae. ….

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"It turned out to be a fragment of a secret stone!" Su Ran exclaimed. .

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Then face the man in black last night, with the power of eight tigers against ten tigers, under the buffer of the muscles, the shoulder bones will not be shattered. ...

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"By the way, if someone snatches your gold leaf, just report my name." Su Ran reminded again, and the Gu worms in his hands have also been identified as first-grade slandering film Gu, and its specific purpose is unknown.

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one two three……

Su Ran knew it in his heart, he understood that Liu Changwu wanted to take a break, and when he fought again, Liu Changwu would definitely go all out.

Hua Yan realized something was wrong, and followed Yun Qu'er's gaze, only a handsome man with almost bald head, "What's wrong, Qu'er?"

Su Ran was shocked.

Everyone is a smart person. The dignified village master personally brought such a large team back to the village. He must have been discovered, but no one greeted them and everyone ran away. Obviously something went wrong in the village.

There are only a lot of people in the Martial Academy on the annual day when the blood species is gathered, and there are not many people in normal times.

After speaking, Su Ran left directly.


"The blood wolf's eyes are red, and the vision is excellent. Be careful to hide."

After panting, he got up and walked around the boulder, but he didn't find Han Sheng's body. He wondered, "What's going on? Two blood wolves attacked me, Han Sheng should be dead." .

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Extraordinary Martial Academy Square. .

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