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【bad credit loan with low interest 】 "If you trust me, please do as I tell you." The rock man smiled lightly, his calmness and calmness had an invisible power, giving people confidence and dependence. 。

The two girls fainted immediately, and Goddess Huading had to go to Alaska for investigation...

Chu Shaoyan's face turned cold, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he threw the gun far away.

More than two hours later, several large sleigh cars passed by, and one of them, a fat man with good eyesight, suddenly said in surprise, "Huh, there are Eskimos living here?"

This rock man is fucking desperately, if the cement blocks are misplaced, even an elephant will be shattered and die unexpectedly!

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The tears of Goddess Huading filled her cheeks again, and her breath became uneasy.
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"That's all?" Long Guozheng's face suddenly turned into a half-smile, obviously he didn't believe it at all, "Uh, I've seen the new president of Huali Group on TV, he can be said to turn all sentient beings upside down! Brother, you won't have anything to do with her Have you done something pleasant?"
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"You mean, Nangong Dong wants Nangong Chengyu to take over?" Shangguan Zetian was shocked.
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About two hours later, the morning light gradually appeared, and then a red ball slowly rose from the sea level. The red was so pure and bright that the rock man suddenly showed a rare smile and lay on his back. On the surface of the sea, quietly staring at the red ball.
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"Understood, thank you." Chu Shaoyan walked quickly to the open door and knocked, then pushed the door open and entered.
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Looking at her daughter, Liang Wanruo suddenly became frightened, stretched out her arms to hug her, and cried, "I'm sorry, Xiao Shuang, mother shouldn't hit you! But I really can't let you repeat my mistakes! Chu Shaoyan is so good Is it? You haven't even known you for a few months, and you don't even want your mother!"
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At this time, the phone rang suddenly, and when I picked it up, my whole body was shocked, and after a moment of pondering, I picked it up.
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"Cheng Yu, this time you are going to invest in the United States, you count as one." Suddenly Shangguan Zetian shook his plain hand in front of her eyes, interrupting her reverie.
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