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【how to check loan payment details online for kotak mahindra 】 His enemies are in the present, not in the future. 。

"Brother Su decided to meet King Yuyi?" After learning of Su Ran's decision, Ouyang Qi was surprised, "This is obviously a grand feast!"

"Tell me about the major events that happened during this time."

Su Ran's purpose is to rob the cultivation resources of other marquises, so it is not appropriate to fight a war of attrition.


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Yue Nuer hummed a ditty and jumped into Su Ran's room.
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The Wind Crane Formation has the same effect as the Moon Banner Ground Secluded Formation, which can prevent space shuttle, and the effect of preventing space shuttle is even stronger than the Moon Banner Ground Secluded Formation.
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"Jingmo didn't plan a famous battle for you. Why did you come here? This place is the sphere of influence of King Yuyi, and the people of August Fairy also reside here. With your current strength, it is quite dangerous to act here." Old Demon asked.
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Seeing Su Ran coming, Yue Nuer quickly ended the lecture process.
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There are ancestral precepts in the world, and when there are evil yang and demons envoys to foreign enemies, everything should be focused on resisting foreign enemies.
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Uh, Duan Tianyuan, ground slurry cracks...
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Master Er Yue replied: "Here we are. Master has just found out that Marquis Qian Shan died, and he died very strangely. We are investigating the cause of death."
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"Your Highness, I have offended King Yuyi now. King Yuyi may send experts to attack and kill me. I hope His Highness can stay in Suling for a while longer, or send Shangxian to stay in Sucheng. I can serve Your Highness better if I am alive." " Su Ran said again, he said this on purpose, and it was in line with his current state of mind.
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