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"Karate." Takeuchi Koji put on a karate posture and said lightly: "First of all, I want to correct what Dugu-kun said just now. I am just an ordinary warrior, not a famous Japanese warrior. Those behind me are." ... chase slate balance transfer free interest

test. where is the best place to get a personal loan with good credit online or with a bank "Miss Luo, I don't think you have many employees, why don't we act together?" Chu Shaoyan suddenly suggested. ….

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Takeuchi Koji opened his eyes and looked hard, but there were a few large Chinese characters written on it, how could he understand it? .

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"Not for sale, I'm just pawning temporarily." ...

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Chu Shaoyan asked thoughtfully: "Your Hua Gang leader has not been in Huaxia recently, so what is she doing in the United States?"

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At this moment, the commotion outside rose again, followed by crying, and someone was shouting the slogan "Punish the murderer, give me justice".

"It should be true." Chu Shaoyan nodded and said, "As a close friend of Nangong Minghao, he may even know some inside information that we don't know. His suspicion should have more reasons than ours, and we are just relying on guesswork."

"This handsome guy is so romantic and generous. You can get 999 flowers as a gift! If only I were his girlfriend!" A female employee with a pretty face stared at the back of the rock man and murmured foolishly.

"Later, through Brother, Zeng Yu's pull, Li Zhisen and Zhang Qiyuan got connected. After a few times, Zhang Qiyuan agreed to sell the right of the bride's first night of sleeping together to Li Zhisen for 1 million..."

"Crazy woman, it's not our family's money!" Although the voice was extremely low, Chu Shaoyan could clearly hear Dugu Yuzhen staring at Fang Qingqing angrily, his eyes filled with hatred.

Chu Shaoyan stared at him strangely, and said slowly, "What do you think?"

As he spoke, he took out an equity certificate and handed it to Duanmu Xiangbei: "This is a 2% equity certificate, which was given to me by my aunt Nangong Xiaoping two years ago!"

Chu Shaoyan rushed over in a few steps, and kicked towards the second door of the underground passage!

Then she asked, "You mean someone..."

"Bit." .

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Because of this accident, the spirits of the other women were also boosted a lot, and they all chased after Shangguan and headed towards the parking lot. .

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