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【student loans for bad credit and bankruptcy 】 Suddenly, he pulled the corners of his mouth into a wretched smile: "Hehehe...I've been a while ago...Why did I send forty-nine immortal swords into the lower realm...I thought there was some foresight...Is it just a struggle before death?" 。

And if you think about it with your heels, you know, how could there be no immortal soldiers and generals stationed in Feixiantai in the fairy world?

He doesn't believe that he can't break through the Daotai realm! !

This child can't stay!

An Ran was taken aback for a moment, and saw the girl stroking the hair around her ear, taking a few steps forward, and looking at the immobile man in black.

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He must also rescue his old friend from the cage!
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Even if he accepts it, he is still only a registered disciple.
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An Ran shrugged her shoulders: "One of them can't speak, and the other can speak but has no memory."
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Tai Yanheng's consciousness froze, and he slowly spit out a few words: "We... can talk."
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An Ran smiled brightly.
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Could it be that he was looking for a place to bury him more evenly? !
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Now half a year has passed, the situation has changed drastically, and the chaos in the fairy world has further intensified and escalated. Even if Taoist Fei Ling returns, whether he can successfully ascend to the fairy world... Maybe it is still unknown!
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They may be born anytime and anywhere, walking and wandering unconsciously.
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