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He didn't say much, it was obviously too late to make the sword embryo now, so he didn't think much about melting the sword embryo that had already been formed and re-making it into the knight sword that he had planned in his mind. .

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Lei Zhe looked at the top of the platform with interest, and Lei Zhe was surprised that the other party had a black holy book in his hand. ...

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At first, no one wanted Rost's free house, but now some people rushed to buy it for money. I have to say that it is really interesting, but Lei Zhe's idea of building a house on the land and then selling it is really unique.

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"En!" Nodding his head, the cakes made here can only be decorated with fruits because there is no cream, but they are still delicious, after all, they are made by Lei Zhe.

Obviously, for them, the betting has changed, and the outcome will only be known after the life-and-death battle between Xia Gan and Xia Yuntian ten days later!

Zhao Baichuan's current cultivation is still at the third level of the True Spirit Realm back then, so he obviously doesn't know that he defeated Xia Yuntian, otherwise he wouldn't dare seek revenge on him aggressively.

Luo Li'an opened her mouth. Although she said that, her hands betrayed herself, and she quickly picked up the chopsticks and ate the freshly made sweet and sour fish.

"Hic, just kidding."

In layman's terms: what is etiquette that this person doesn't understand at all.

"This is a symbol of strength." Having said that, the Corruption Dragon also felt that it was not good-looking, and soon hid the soul worm in the body, and it was just the most natural state to let it out.

"What are you talking about?" Lydia looked at this student strangely. Today she was forcibly required to take a magic circle class, but she couldn't charge for it, and there was one more student.

But this is different for Lydia and the others. It is the first time for them to come here. After seeing the game equipment that appeared in TV dramas, their eyes are obviously lit up. Xu Hao understands that these women may like this place video game equipment.

Even if it is him, there is no absolute confidence that he can do it. .

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Without talking nonsense, Lei Zhe immediately ordered people to bring the things to the ship. He had already deposited most of the gold coins in the chamber of commerce when he was in Riva last time. The total value of the things sold will not be less than 200,000, and 200,000 gold coins can already buy a lot of supplies. .

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