what is a credit reference
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【how to raise credit score 20 points fast 】 But Su Ran hadn't finished speaking, but Hua Yan yelled: "Thief, play the tune!" 。

Heavy Qi Gu comes again.

"I can't come back." Li Shan smiled wryly. He knew the inside information. He said that it was Su Ran's team. The whole team disappeared, leaving only some broken corpses. It is impossible for Su Ran to be alive...

"Su Ran!"

After shouting, Su Ran took the initiative to distance himself from Xiao Yong, making the move of jumping over the wall.

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Without his right arm, Wei Tie could not display all his strength at all.
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"You don't have to refuse, I'll give you the Gu worm. Although your father gave me the Gu worm, but you have become a Gu master, and the Gu worm is more useful to you." Li Shan said solemnly, with a hint of undeniable refusal in his tone. mean.
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Gu masters of first rank and second rank may not be able to see the problem of his blood and fire, but it is unknown whether Gu masters of rank four and above can see the problem of his blood and fire.
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Changing the target, the right hand clawed on the tiger skin again.
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Then, the boss led the two of them to the shelf, and introduced: "This store has thirty ordinary Gu pupae and ten rare Gu pupae. Guests can choose slowly. One common Gu pupae is three secret stones, and the rare Gu pupae is one of three secret stones. Internal Gu worms are priced."
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As for the Gu worms controlled by blood fire, Su Ran couldn't capture them before their master died.
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The commotion in the forest grew louder.
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A group of people surrounded the inch-cut man, and there were many Gu masters present.
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