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PS: I went home by car today, so I could have sent it earlier. However, an uncle in a village was sick and needed to be rushed to the hospital. I was drunk and couldn't drive. My wife couldn't see the road clearly at night, so I took the co-pilot to help her see the road, and drove the uncle all the way to the hospital. It's half past ten when I come back... Fortunately, I have almost finished writing the chapter, mainly modifying the details and logic. ... don't know gpa when applying for student loan

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The second ability is space traction. .

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Gray gas permeated Gowu's body, and the surrounding insects seemed to be greatly stimulated, screaming one after another... ...

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Feelings, this girl Qianmo has had a similar experience... No wonder she is so skilled.

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At this moment, a group of people suddenly came out from the corner in front, walking like flying, with displeasure, anxiety, and anger on their faces, rushing towards them with murderous intent.

Every day, the bones of heroes are carried back, and some people are crying, but more people put on military uniforms, wipe their tears, and rush to the battlefield...

"My God, tear up the gods!"

"Get out!" Hei Lian scolded angrily.

A person from Niaozhou said righteously: "We are protecting cultural relics, and the soil stone sword is left over from the ancestors of the Alexander family in Niaozhou. This is their private property. How can we show it to outsiders casually? This is the most basic human rights."

While the two were talking, they suddenly heard an exclamation from the mountain.

Speaking of this, the old lady rolled her eyes and said: "You are protecting her so much, you must have something wrong! If fifty children hit one, I would believe it, but more than fifty children were beaten by one child? How is it possible? You must have helped that child beat our child, right?"

Then Sang Mu asked: "Master, shall we still do it?"

"This guy... I said his name, you all know him."

At this moment, not only Jiang Li, but others also became nervous. .

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After waiting for a while, Jiang Li finally got impatient, pointed at Xixi and cursed, "What use are you for a chicken that doesn't lay eggs? P!" .

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