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"Secondly, the police in Dongjiang District have been completely infiltrated by the 'Honglian News Agency'. I believe that in this operation, the police will even block the outside world and intervene. As for the consequences, under the influence of certain forces, it will be a big deal to lose their officials. The banknotes that can't be spent have already arrived." .

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While continuing the agenda, Huo Luan, Director of the Intelligence Countermeasures Department of the Criminal Investigation Corps, suddenly said, "I have reservations about Officer Ye's opinion. Li Yang is indeed feuding with the 'Golden Dragon Gang', Giant Ax Gang, and Butterfly Gang. As for the so-called Timing matters, as the saying goes, when a tree falls, everyone pushes it, and when a drum breaks, everyone beats it!" ...

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Amid the fierce applause, Yan Zhixing thought expressionlessly:

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Shen Yao greeted politely: "Sister."

"Wait a little longer, it's not enough!" The little witch replied loudly, and there was already some anxiety on her snow-white face.

Yan Zhixing obviously hadn't slowed down yet, and obviously subconsciously wanted to rush over again. As expected, Shen Yao quickly stretched out his hand and covered his lips, as if putting a bite stopper on a disobedient dog.

He didn't think Guan Shu dared to shoot here, so Yan Zhixing raised his hand and waved it a few times in mid-air, signaling for the bodyguards to retreat.

Yan Zhixing stopped, looked up at him, and asked, "What else is there?"

But Xu Yibai's breathing became more and more rapid, obviously he looked down at the black and white keys of the piano, but the world was spinning in front of his eyes.

Guan Shu squeezed Shen Yao's fingers tightly, with such strength that several fingers were squeezed together.

"If it weren't for your existence, Shen Yao and I are still living a good life now! How could we break up? How old was Shen Yao at the time? How old are you? Don't you blush when you take him to the bed?" Guan Shu pushed all the faults on Shen Yao to Yan Zhixing, roared hoarsely, he raised his hand uncontrollably, and wanted to hit him a second time, "Shen Yao is an omega, after you have sex with him, You let him go back alone?! You didn't like him then, and you don't like him now, right?" .

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