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【secured loan language 】 Yu Zai said: "There are too many people, you can't see it if you look at it. If there is a riot, it will be troublesome, so..." 。

And then, that candidate, officially becomes... the Regent.

Yan Zai couldn't help pinching himself.

"what is this!"

This winter is destined to be a winter of savings, and the savings in winter are to make the coming year even better.

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Xiang Bo was taken aback when he saw him, while Master Xiang Tu said: "Such a big and lively fortification, with tens of thousands of people working together for one goal, I haven't seen this kind of scenery for a long time. This is going to be recorded in bamboo slips Why can't I come to such a big event!"
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Finally there are live cows! Although Shi Niu is pretty good, but his temper is too big.....
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"How do you know we're investigating him? It's a secret!"
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"How could Jinwu and Jingwei have a result? Didn't Jingwei only lay eggs with Haiyan?"
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And the eight people behind are all from the Gao Yang family.
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Concubine Zai: "The big river is a basin flood. I have told you about this kind of flood. It is necessary to judge the trend of the entire mountain and sea veins and water veins. As long as the judgment can be made accurately, then water can become human beings." friend."
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Goodbye, Ma Mazai; Goodbye, slippers; Goodbye, patriarch; Goodbye, silly lamb, dog, porpoise.
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Faced with Dayi's question, Uncle Xi expressed naturally that he really wanted to bring his homework home.
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