how often does discover report to credit bureaus
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【when to open a new credit card 】 "I hope to induce the red skin Gu..." 。

Su Ran narrowed her eyes slightly.

Four days ago, he ate wild ginseng, and his body was already in good condition, but the news of his recovery was not spread, so he was able to "rest" for four days according to the original medicine woman's instructions.

Two Gu worms?

"Before the patterned leopard lasted for so long to threaten and attack, the whole herd didn't make much movement, which shows that the temper of the armored cow is relatively gentle. If I get close to the herd, as long as I don't make aggressive moves, I shouldn't be in danger. .”

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Su Ran's expression hadn't changed yet, but Xiao Yong's expression changed completely, and he shouted: "Cowhide Gu, how could you have cowhide Gu!"
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Qian Buer looked a little embarrassed, and said apologetically, "Tonight I shouldn't call out that brother Su is from the purple blood fire, it's like this, because high-quality blood fire can speed up the cultivation of Gu worms, so some big families specially raise Gu worms. A group of high-quality blood fire Gu masters, let these Gu masters use blood fire to cultivate Gu insects for the family, this kind of Gu masters are called cows."
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"The front is Ziyi's residence. Ziyi is young, he likes to be quiet, and he doesn't like to be called a teacher. Brother Su, please pay attention, I will go up and report first." Qian Buer reminded a few words, and left first Entered Xiaozhu.
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Because a Gu master needs to consume blood and fire to control Gu, Jiao Shuyuan can't activate Silver Gu forever.
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Su Ran murmured in his heart.
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The arm qi has been integrated with the body, it is quite different from the Gu master using the arm qi Gu, but the strength of the Erhu Fist that can be punched is obviously recognized as a Gu.
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Feng Jieren was also puzzled.
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Then it made sense to write the blood letter in Yi Kong's handwriting and use the Firefly Gu.
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