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test. student loan rate shopping Sun Hongsheng's punch had to be one step faster, and Qian Shan's head was thrown back slightly, but his fist didn't have much strength now, so it didn't hurt Qian Shan much, while Qian Shan's punch was much heavier. ….

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But what is strange is that these policemen did not arrest the arsonist, but instead arrested the manager of the victim, and even clamored to hunt down the boss behind the Yedi Bath Center!

Qian Shan took the cake to the training ground, found a place to sit down, ate the cake bite by bite, and watched Ma Feizhang and Lei Xinke training in the distance.

Qian Shan nodded: "That's right, when training with some powerful employers, such injuries often occur."

Di Gaochao twitched cheekily, he never expected the ending of the matter to be like this, so he transferred all his hatred to Qian Shan, glared at him fiercely, and said silently: "You wait for me !" .

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Qian Shan smiled and began to put the bottles of potion back into the box. .

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