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He gritted his teeth hard, and then gritted his teeth again. ...

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This kind of matter, only the parties can make a decision.

"Then can you let me break through to Daotai?" An Ran was full of hope.

Now he didn't have to worry, the emperor was by his side - even beaten by him just now.

"The armor and weapons of the guards in Yuanfeng City were made by the Spirit Controlling Sect."

Zhan Qianqiu's heart was beating wildly, and he couldn't help becoming more vigilant. He also lowered his voice and asked: "Dare to ask that strong man... who is so sacred?"

That foot is very small and delicate, wrapped in a white sock, where the edge of the white sock meets the ground, you can vaguely see the white and tender skin.

The three heavenly swords are means that can be used on the bright side. Since it is clearly stated, then perhaps there is still an unknown power hidden in the dark.

She didn't say the last half of the sentence.

When the falling objects from the nine heavens approached the surface, a second big explosion occurred.

But you look really easy to deceive. .

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