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【how much interest do you pay on a mortgage 】 When Chu Shaoyan hung up the phone, a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth. The four major factions are the backbone of the anti-flood alliance. Except for him, Chu Shaoyan, the secret behind-the-scenes leader, who can mobilize the four underground factions in Jiangcheng to attack the Hong Lianshe at the same time? 。

The short red-haired man glared at the fat man and said, "Charlie, you are a fucking stupid pig. Didn't the above say that the Chinese rock man is amazing. How is it impossible to build an igloo?"

Chu Shaoyan was shocked all over, and turned his head to stare at the hurried man with respectful eyes. Such talents are the backbone of Huaxia, and they are worthy of the word party members!

Rong Xiaoxi, President Office of Huading, said boldly: "Uncle generals, Huading has always cooperated happily with the military. For example, Baiyutang Pharmaceutical Corporation, a subsidiary of Huading Group, is one of the main drug suppliers of the Jinling Military Division. ;We have also had successful cooperation with Huading Saiya Electric, Xintai Mold and the military.”

Then she stuffed a red envelope into his hand: "Shaoyan, today you are the only family representative on my side, you keep this red envelope."

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Only ten minutes later, after the two finished their simple lunch, Chu Shaoyan destroyed all traces, ignored any rest, dragged the sled and galloped towards the west, his figure was still extremely nimble.
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However, what puzzled the two of them was that with Morris King's financial resources, he lost only three million dollars in the game, so why would he be so insane?
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It is true that Jinghua's feelings for me are not under heaven, but what can I do? Is it really like the master's last words to take everything in and catch everything? Suddenly, Chu Shaoyan's heart was icy cold, and the joy just now had long since disappeared; the rock man hated himself like this, and at this moment he actually deeply understood the old saying "I hate to meet when I am not married" The sad implication!
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"Mr. Chu, how do you evaluate Eastern women and Western women?"
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Of course, the rock man is not all-rounder, and he is not a master when it comes to computer hacking. But he knew that there were people on this ship, and there were more than one. Duan Mulan, who has an IQ of 190, and Liang Youshuang, a slender girl, are both masters.
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Wu Tianhao's eyes widened: "Miss Zidie is still a college student?"
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"Okay, let's go now!" Mayor Zhang didn't hesitate, and led everyone to the gas station first. However, at the gas station, everyone encountered a problem: money.
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The group left immediately, only Nangong Mingdao was left standing in the middle of the mourning hall in a daze, his face was cloudy and unpredictable.
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