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In the celestial light, the young man's expression is sincere, his words are sincere, his voice is also very pleasant, coupled with his handsome face, people can't help but feel... ... what stores give cash back on credit cards

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The five people were like five heavy meteorites, falling into Tanggu, causing a violent shock amidst the uproar of the crowd. .

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Recalling the previous experience, Mu Wenjun's eyes were full of bewilderment. ...

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"Wait a minute..."

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The other young heroes stared at each other, speechless because of An Ran's speech.

You must know that all the people gathered here are the young heroes of the fairy world, and even a few of them are only one step behind Ba Tianjiao. Not long ago, they also passed the tribulation and became immortals with amazing strength!

The previous system, as fast as a few seconds, as long as ten and a half months, would definitely give An Ran a death in place.

An Ran raised her eyebrows, stroked her chin with one hand, savoring the name carefully.

Taoist Chun Jun murmured in a low voice, with a dazed expression: "But why did he do this?"

An Ran always felt that the one standing in front of her was a kitten, which made it easy for people to have the desire to bully.

"It turns out that the young master is here. I have been bothering you, and I hope that the young master will forgive me!"

Even this new White Emperor has a weird altar as a holy place for Taoism!

Young Immortal No. 2 Taining coughed a few more times, and corrected with a twitching corner of his mouth: "Fellow Daoist, with Fairy You's lofty aspirations, even if you want to find a Taoist companion, you will definitely not stay superficially on the outside..."

Therefore, on that day, it repeatedly reviewed the essentials of the magical skill of holding people, and was full of ambitions, making sufficient preparations, waiting for the first lucky one to come to the door, giving the other party enough surprises, and then turning it into a cute and cute person. pets. .

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Some people choose to be hostile, and naturally some people will choose to take effect. .

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