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"Doctor Wu, tell me the truth, what is Qin Mo's condition?" ... will your student loan payment lower when tackling the principal

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After parting from Mo Lingxiao for a while, Su Nian felt that there seemed to be more spiritual energy in his body that did not belong to him, especially the spirit pill in the dantian, which was restless and hot like a fire. ...

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"President Qin has such affection for Song Jing, can't he tell the difference between a fake person and a real person?"

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He couldn't see Qin Mo's reluctant appearance. If he was in good health, it would be no problem here, but when is now, he is almost seven months old, when he should be resting and taking care of himself, but why? So many dirty things in the company.

Luan Qingya kept watching his movements, Song Jing sat up suddenly, fine beads of sweat could still be seen on his forehead, he wrinkled his brows and breathed heavily;

"I will try my best. I just read your case, but I need to look at the details again. Siwei's inspection is due in a few days. I need to take over from Siwei, Director Wu..."

"During the examination just now, the child's internal organs, facial features, and limbs were all fine, but his development was ten days behind."

Song Jing didn't know how much wine he drank, white, red, mixed, he ordered all the top ten cocktails on the wine list, his ears were buzzing, his head was swollen and painful, although his mind was clear but It was also because of the effect of alcohol that amplified countless senses and emotions. Looking at the man in a suit who didn't fit in here, he didn't even need to think about who it was.

"This is true. His mother did die of a heart attack."

"how so?"

Every word of Su Nian's words was filled with blood, every sentence was heartbreaking, and Mo Lingxiao felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave, and his whole body was chilling.

"Sir, just now Doctor Wu said that it's time to eat at this time. I'm afraid you don't have an appetite, why don't you try some soup first?"

Song Jing put down the document she had just signed and smiled; .

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Song Jing... he is helpless and a little funny, this person is sometimes childish and cute; .

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