how do i get a small home loan
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【100000 small bnusiness loan 】 Nine Gu worms, one ninth-rank, eight eighth-rank, each lying on the stone platform. 。

"Haha, Su Ran, why don't you run down, the corrosion in the fog area, you can't bear it, you can hand over the space-type Gu worms, and I will spare your life."

Now a shock spreads throughout the entire underground red rock area, and Su Ran can feel it all the time.

"The identities of the Twelve Demon Envoys cannot be revealed, you have no right to know, alas, I have to find a new Demon Servant again, what a waste, even if the Twelve Demon Envoys owe me a favor, it is time for the Twelve Demon Envoys to return .”

Just like the last time when Douzhuan Confucianism was inherited, some shadow guards directly used the technique of illusory transformation to restore Ouyang Qi's past image. There are not many people who are familiar with this technique of illusory transformation.

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Wan Gu Tower has lost Wang Xiyun, a new ninth-rank Gu master, and must not let these Gu controllers go.
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A whistling sound came from the direction of Qushang City, and the whistling sound was endless: "The Qishengqin belongs to the Changkong family. hand over!"
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The human domain is generally stable, and the migration of the human race is proceeding in an orderly manner. The central domain is very large, and the place where the human race lives is very small. Even if the central domain is only 40% of the area left, it is only a drop in the bucket to feed the current human race.
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Xiaogushan was mottled with light and shadow, and the thick leaves covered a large area of sunlight. Su Ran narrowed her eyes and listened to all directions with only her ears.
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If a Gu Immortal fuses with a captured Immortal Gu rashly, not only will it be difficult to fuse, it will even be backlashed to death by the Immortal Gu.
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This time, add two more fully enhanced attributes.
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In the non-fog corrosion area, there are fiery red rocks everywhere, and there are various glowing fireflies growing on the rocks.
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very strange.
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