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【how much is the mortgage rate today 】 "Although Comrade He Ping graduated from engineering, he has served as the director of the Finance Bureau of Boluo County and the deputy head of Nanhui District in charge of finance and economics. He has accumulated rich experience in finance and economics in these positions, and has been rated as the An advanced individual on the financial front, Secretary Bai promoted him to the city's finance bureau chief because of these. Comrade He Ping's performance as the city's finance bureau chief also proved: Secretary Bai's vision is correct. The economy is escorted, and the credit is indispensable!" 。

The old monk turned around slowly, stared at Chu Shaoyan and said: "The old monk Shi Yongjia once worshiped in the inner door of the Shaoshi Mountain Discipline Hall. Did the benefactor ever kill our disciples on December 5th last year?"

Chu Shaoyan was helpless: "Now our plan has changed: you and Wu Tianhao will go to Sucheng tonight, and I will act alone in Shengze Town."

Shi Hongzhi also looked at it, and said: "Jin Shangbang, I think as long as you show the momentum of interrogating your enemies and opponents, you will have the temperament of the head of the provincial party committee! Yes, it is better to raise your head; The waist; and the eyes, there must be a sense of life and death, aloof, just like the aura you have when you torture the enemy...hehe..."

"What about me?" Seeing that both of them had missions, Jin Shangbang couldn't help being impatient.

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Chu Shaoyan was helpless, and immediately asked: "Is the child named Yinyin? Son or daughter?"
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"I said let you be my father." The girl smiled brightly. Under the dim light, the rain kept washing her face, but Chu Shaoyan caught a glimpse of the crystal color in the corner of her eyes, and said Not rain.
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Liu Danyan smiled wryly and said: "Zetian, your Shaoyan is indeed a rare and strange man, otherwise all of you, the most outstanding girls in Jiangcheng, would not like him. However, after this incident, I still have the face to continue with him?"
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Wang Hong tapped on the table and said for a long time: "The monitoring of Guanghua Group has been arranged, and there is no valuable news for at least a few hours. If the interrogation here fails to produce results, we will hate being passive. The investigation team at the side is already very impatient."
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A good student who loves learning and abides by discipline has since become a bad boy who fights and fights all day long. As long as someone dares to say a word about her mother, or accuse her, she will frantically pounce on the other person's face and neck!
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"How is it?" Fatty An asked eagerly.
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Da Zhuang's face changed drastically, just at this time the two-way encirclement had formed, he winked at Er Mao, Huang Pi, and Hippo, three fighters, and then the four of them rushed over together!
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At this time, Chu Shaoyan suddenly stepped forward, and said coldly: "Liu Danyan, I know a little about your life experience. Are you worthy of your mother who has worked so hard to raise you?"
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