small business loan agreements
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【how can i get a small business loan after chapter 7 】 One move after another, the Hengshan Claw was thrown out like a torrential rain. 。

Bai Meier surrendered.

"Well, it's actually like this," Su Ran said with an embarrassed smile: "I said that before, it was a bit ignorant, but it can't be completely ignorant, I first know a premise, a small market like Libei Gu Daoji, It is not normal for so many Gu pupae to appear, so I pre-identified the Gu pupae in several stores as inferior Gu pupae, with a probability of about 10% of the Gu pupae being alive.

In order to please Bai Meier, Yi Kong deliberately committed suicide. When Jiao Shuyuan returns, Jiao Shuyuan will naturally regard him as the first suspect.

The third master became imposing, eager to try, and had the idea of testing Su Ran's strength on the spot.

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This is to be honest with him, win his trust, and invite him to officially join the three-person business team.
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As the body gradually becomes stronger, the tiger claws will eventually be assimilated by other parts.
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Soon, the Gu master came down with a package, which was full of Gu pupae, and the package was found from Su Ran's room.
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What does Liu Changwu want to do?
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