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Seeing this scene, Yin Yang Night Demon was dumbfounded, opened his mouth and said, "This...I..." ... online personal loan for 150k without documents

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Just when everyone was desperate, someone exclaimed: "The Beastmaster has made a move!" .

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"Of course it came from the demon world. How many times have I told you that the demons over there are running here desperately. As for us demons, we have no hobbies in our lives. We either kill people or have children. ...

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" bastard, you want to die!" Yang Yemo pulled his head out of the concrete floor with both hands.

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Then this guy didn't even operate it, and shouted directly into the phone: "Ambulance? I have an important patient who needs your help, come here quickly. Ah... are you here? It's okay, I'll wait for you here. Don't worry." , before you come, no one can touch this old man, absolutely guarantee that before you come, he will be exactly the same as when he was hit, and he will not be moved at all!"

At that moment, the speed of the stick of God increased instantly, locked onto the Beastmaster tightly, and swooped down crazily!

Jing Long roared at everyone!

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Jiang Li thought about it, and was about to make a move, when a missile fell and directly exploded on the Beastmaster's body!

Cheng Shu said: "Not necessarily, Qian Mo followed us, if they really came after us, it would be impossible to use this kind of weapon."

"Are you sure it's fake?" Hei Lian asked.

Cheng Shu and Wu Yangqing looked back subconsciously, Jiang Li quickly grabbed a big crab and stuffed it to Hei Lian.

At the same time, Jiang Li can already see the advertisement about Jiang Zhongli Fire on the same city website. I have to say that the efficiency of Guxi is too high!

In that case, isn't the Guardian organization deceiving everyone in the world? .

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"What? Blind date?!" Jiang Li suddenly felt that the two were older. .

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