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But if Jiangcheng needs to borrow or take money from a woman even to give her roses, this man is indeed shameless, no different from a bad boy who cheats money! ... academy mortgage meridian

test. how does mortgage broker make money off of sale At this time, Liang Youshuang suddenly said: "Actually, that boy wanted to bully me at that time, and Sister Lingjiao helped me beat him after seeing it!" ….

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Chu Shaoyan is no stranger to sharks, and has dealt with them many times, so he is not afraid. In particular, man-eating sharks in the Huaxia sea area are generally not very large, and their attack power is not too powerful. .

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us! ? The rock man frowned slightly, but before he could speak, his mouth was covered by the Huading goddess, and the other party's expression was extremely resolute, even with a cute and threatening meaning. ...

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"Don't laugh!" She gave the rock man a charming look, and said angrily, "I'll punish you to sing for me!"

Goddess Huading sighed softly in her heart, knowing that the rock man still cared about this cheap sister after all, she immediately said seriously: "Cheng Yu, your cousin Nangong Chengfeng has returned from the United States, and he will come to the group to perform his duties soon. Assuming the position of managing director. And your uncle made one condition: Let you be his secretary."

In the past few days, whenever Chu Shaoyan is free, he will be busy working in his cousin's new home, and when he has no time, An Linshan and Shi Hongzhi will run to help. The month is even bigger.

"Mr. Sisai, I know the market conditions. But the price you offered definitely deviates from the market conditions. If I buy at this price, my boss will shoot me in the head tomorrow!"

Just now when she asked such a sentence, Jinghua's lips lost their hold again, and she, who had just woken up for a moment, fainted again, ecstatic and confused for a while. The lip line of the wooden bodyguard was so beautiful. When the two kissed deeply, she was still thinking obsessively; then she couldn't help but hugged each other tightly with both hands.

Chu Shaoyan smiled calmly, then took out a picture and threw it over: "Zetian, if our direction is correct, there is a small town called Tanacross about 200 kilometers to the west, where we can buy a car , and then drive to Canada, find an airport to fly to Los Angeles." .

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Lan Die nodded: "Miss Zi Die is still studying, so..." .

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