what does temporary credit mean
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【what is a restricted credit card 】 After the demon envoys dispersed, the main demon isolated Gu Hai, and after a while, a mouthful of blood spit out from the main demon's mouth. 。

"The ancestral court of the Immortal Dynasty." The Seventh Prince cupped his hands.

After finishing his harsh words, Li Haihou flew away directly.

The last Heavenly Secret Counting Gu was taken out by Gu.

This table records some immortals who have Fire-type domain Gu, Ze-type domain Gu, and Earth-type domain Gu.

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King Yuyi was wearing a transparent tulle, with a lightly exposed figure, sitting cross-legged in front of the incense pond, with five Gu boxes in front of him, and three maidservants behind him.
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Although King Yuyi died, he left behind a huge family. The King Yuyi family may become a big hidden danger. If the situation in the Immortal Dynasty becomes turbulent, his family may take advantage of the momentum and directly cause damage to the king. shock.
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"And the old ancestor, what did you feel?" Yu Chen asked.
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