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"Can you not go?" His Excellency Thief Saint was about to cry. ... how to complete a 1003 loan application

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At this time, Yuanfeng City was in chaos. .

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During the conversation, the three of them had already returned to Yuanfeng City. ...

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You must know that the reason why there are so many models of the puppets of the Spirit Controlling Sect is precisely because different models have different corresponding functions.

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It was no secret that there were people in the upper realms of the Four Great Sacred Lands.

"So... suzerain?" An Ran asked cautiously.

Then Taoyao's true identity is quite interesting.

In the past, without anyone's guidance, he relied on himself to piece things together, and forcibly possessed a combat power comparable to that of Jiedan!

An Ran muttered, feeling a little sad in her heart.

Su Dian showed a sunny smile, obviously made up his mind.

A huge palm with six fingers, which belongs to unknown kind of creature, almost shattered the center of Feixiantai. There should have been a portal in the center area, but now it has already turned into dust all over the ground.

It's just that the chill came too violently, and in an instant, she felt the scorching heat come back again.

"Master, let's go!"

An Ran's eyes lit up immediately, and she praised: "Brother Min is indeed an envoy sent by Xianqin. Even though he came from the capital city, he knows everything about a small town by the East China Sea." .

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He endured it! .

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